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Welcome Advanced Elearn: I’m Finished For Summer!

30 Jun

I just finished my Advanced Moodle Course (which my county calls Elearn) and did manage to get a decent course laid out that might be useful for the teachers in our county.  You can see most of the content on my TeacherTube or YouTube sites.  If and when I add more content, that will appear on one of those sights. 

I learned a lot by taking this course, since my course is also about teaching adult teachers.  One of the problems with this course about interactive learning is that it is still taught in the traditional 20th century way.  That means you have one teacher in front of 20-30 other people and that one person disseminates the content out to the students.  However, there was a group of teachers that did get together and collaborated on their online course.  However it was tough going for them as they hadn’t actually taken a Moodle course before.  Many Moodle courses still look like they could have been produced years ago, as they involve a ton of reading and then an occasional quiz to measure understanding.  what these courses really and truly need is to incorporate the production of actual content.

This course is being or has been taught by 3 different instructors, and I’m wondering why they didn’t pool their time and resources in developing content for this course.  Each instructor could take a topic or a day (it’s a three day course) and really and truly demonstrate the power of this technology.  For instance, this class had a few other nerds like me, but also had some people who have difficulty managing basic computer functions.  By having recorded content online, it would allow those people who needed to see something multiple times to actually see those instructions multiple times while the faster people could keep progressing or enhancing our own courses/sites.

You can get the gist of what I’m saying by looking at this video.


So I’ll be off and traveling for the next 3 weeks, and we’ll be driving about 3,000 miles!  Fortunately, both of my kids travel really well.  Having an extra mp3 player and laptop/DVD player will make things a little easier.  Stay Cool!



eLearn Blog

11 May

Amidst the death march known as IEP season and the end of the school year, I took time out to to attend a workshop on eLearn, otherwise known as Moodle.  I like using the term Moodle better than eLearn, but that’s just me.  Newton County has its own ideas.

I had a chance to see what others were doing from around the county on their eLearn sites.  We had elementary and middle school teachers represented with one other teacher representing another high school.   Most of the time was spent actually working on our Moodles, with basically everyone getting theirs better ready for a fall roll out.  Some of us have not been very active on our sites for a very long time.  In fact, according to our illustrious instructor, Beth, that would be most teachers.  I would be one of them, up until a couple of months or so ago when I decided to take on this new project where eLearn would play a prominent role.  Even then, it was a bit of time before I tackled putting together modules since I have to generate all of the content by myself.

Other teachers can use Google, PBS, United Streaming and various other sites to put their content together.  Mine is mostly self-generated although I am starting to see things appear on TeacherTube that might be useful that I can use.  If any readers are generating content and posting, let me know!  My stuff is available and out there for the taking/viewing/using and I have more stuff I’m getting ready to put up.

Back to eLearn/Moodle, I did manage to pick up most of the things I wanted out of the class so that I can [roceed to develop the site.  One think I quickly learned is that my site was looking visually impoverished as everyone else had all sorts of nifty graphics and animations on their sites.  I thought I was doing well on original content and even some interactivity, but still have a long way to go.

I plan on taking the advanced course this summer, so perhaps I’ll be blogging that, but no promises, especially since I have a backlog of posts that need to be rolled out.  But it was nice to be around another techno-nerd in the school system, as we seem to be relatively few and far between.  It would be neat to get self-identified propeller heads together for a one day convocation/conference/confab before school starts, sort of like a mini SXSW for teachers and teaching.  It could be done in conjunction with new teacher orientation.  Nothing too heavy, but just getting tips, tricks and contacts before school starts.

Who knows?  Maybe I could become a sort of Scoble for education.


Welcome eLearn!

6 May

Yes, I will SO be blogging you!

Yes, this Thursday is my refresher session for what our county calls eLearn, which is actually Moodle. Moodle is actually the centerpiece of the course that I’m developing for paras and teachers of students with severe and profound disabilities. The videos, the podcasts and this blog are all resources that I’ll be using and Moodle will help provide the instructional format, content organization and assessments in order to actually put it together like a real course.

At least that’s the idea.

Last summer, I attended an eLearn class and was sort of excited about it. Trouble is, I had no idea of how to use it, because my kids can’t read, write and most can’t manipulate a mouse well enough to navigate around even with Moodle’s efforts with accessibility standards because most are reliant on single switch access and do not attend or track with that level of detail. It was a bit depressing for me, because I saw all sorts of possibilities with this great tool, but I wouldn’t have much of a chance to develop it or to use it. This lack of application and interface with the web 2.0 technology that I know and love has been a big driver in pushing me out of the SID/PID setting and driving me toward a higher functioning population. I want to create content and be out there, which I’ve sort of been doing the past couple of years with my blog. But I want to leverage the internet as a platform to provide students with the opportunity to access content easily and repeatedly at their own pace.

My audience in this course is not kids, as much as it is other adults which hopefully will have some sort of multiplier effect in helping many more students with severe disabilities learn. In a sense, it’s just me, self-marketing myself. Otherwise known as pimping myself out… for the greater good. I could see some parents tapping into this material, too. And for anyone out there so inclined, you could also contribute to the cause by posting some content that might be useful. You can read this post to see my wish list!  So maybe some folks will tune in from the workshop and get turned on to blogging and maybe some of my other readers will find some of this interesting.

I’m looking forward to getting out of class for a day, and it will be a nice break from the hectic schedule and noise and chaos that seems to go along with this time of year. I was here until 8:00 in the evening doing a bunch of IEPs last night. I think one more big push and I’ll have them done for the year.

I look forward to the day when I have time to read more posts by the good folks in my blog roll!