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Catching up

17 May

I’m trying to catch up on a lot of things this weekend.  One of them is rest, as I am currently on the downhill slide of a death march, which involves finishing up all the junk teachers have to do to finish a school year.  We have a ton of last minute IEPs, mostly by teachers who procrastinated too long and are so far behind.  Next week is a 6 day work week for high school teachers as we have graduation on Saturday that we all have to work at.

I’m in the process of getting over a cold, which is largely caused by stress.  I’ve been getting home wellinto the evening every night because of the massive amount of paperwork.  I had one parent in particular who really went after me and I may blog more about that later as it demonstrated how to get what you want while you alienate a teacher who wqs otherwise sympathetic to the cause.  Basically participate in a full-scale ambush.  I’m glad when kids have parents that are good advocates and generally am happy to work with them.  But when an adversarial relationship is insisted upon which does no good except guarantee that I won’t get to see my own kids, then we might have some difficulties.

I’m also working on video, audio and pictures for Covington’s 4th annual Autism Walk!  I got some really good footage, not to mention a nice t-shirt!

Good stuff ahead!