An Idea Worth Sharing: The Divided Brain

6 Nov

I thought this video was really interesting, not only in what the talk is about but also the way it was presented:

I’ve always been fascinated by how our brains function, and how it enables us to adapt.

The drawings add a lot of context but also a lot of humor that make this worth watching more than once because there is so much that will be missed with one viewing…at least for me who favors the narrow focus of things while often missing the broader contexts or things.

In a sense the lack of connections between the two hemispheres has left us slightly learning disabled, I think, hence my categorizing this under that heading as well as perhaps having consequences in the the world of interventions and therapy.

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  1. I found this video to be exceptionally interesting and unusual. I think that he brought up some pretty interesting points about the way our left and right hemispheres differ in not what they control but how they control it.

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