A few notes about nutrition, fruit juice and Arsenic

30 Sep

There was some news that broke about arsenic in fruit juices and my wife was all over it, I think because HER mother had heard about it.  So I was enjoined to study and read up on the topic and here are articles and resources I have read about arsenic and Lead in Juice:

This is about traces of lead found in Juice boxes
.  You’ll notice that Minute Maid Apple juice, the preferred substitute for the juice I had been buying is on this list. There is a couple of good follow-up links about this and other heavy-metal scare studies.  Again, the recommendation is to have whole fruits and vegetables.  But more on that in a second…

I did read about the arsenic in juice, specifically the Dr. Oz study as well as other sites associated with the Tampa Bay press-commissioned study.

Next, I read rebuttles from one company as well as the one from the juice industry.

The conclusions are:
– There are no safe levels of lead Or arsenic
– lead and arsenic are found in the soil, the water and the air
– therefore, breathing, drinking and eating will be fatal no matter what…it is found EVERYWHERE.

Having said all of that, the reason for all of this for us, is trying to treat a chronic constipation problem in one member of my family.  So it might be helpful to see what nutritionists and doctors have to say about the topic, from the Dr. DMK collecton:

This one is by a pediatric gastroentologist about what to do.  Lots of info here, but a bit more complex and boring for most kids.
This is a simpler video that our kids might even be able to watch which has some different ideas.
And this is a video by a nutritionist talking about juice v. fresh fruit.  Kids could could and should watch this too.

Dr. MDK is a pediatrician from the New York area who interviews experts in many different fields.  This is actually a great resource for ANY medical question as the videos tend to be very concise and helpful.  And yes, he has done a variety of videos about autism and disabilities.

SO when buying, preparing and eating food, I try to look at all the factors, including taste, allergies and economics.  Everyone has different needs and preferences which makes food preparation a daunting task on even the best of days.  I’m quickly discovering that the freezer is my friend so if someone wants something not on the menu, there ARE healthy alternatives that can be relatively quick and easy.  Quick, easy and tasty rule the day around here, and so I’ve had to come up with ways to sneak in nutrition and fiber.

Having everyone armed with the facts at least minimizes the arguments so we can all make better choices.

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