School is in Session!

11 Aug

The purpose of this blog is mainly to be informational with occasional sprinkles of inspirational.  I just needed to say that up front in order to help stay focused.  I relate my own story in hopes that others can learn and benefit from my triumphs and occasional…or many mistakes.

Last Friday, my two boys got on their buses and went off to school.  This is not new to them, because they have both been through the first day of school drill before.  What was totally different this year, was the fact that when they got home from their first day of school, Daddy was there.  It was then that it really sort of hit all of us that we are on a different road.  They are used to getting off the bus and not having their dad home for a few more hours.  It has been very surreal, as the boys have NEVER known a time when I was not working.  They are used to me being around during breaks, of course.  But the climate is definitely different, now.

So while I continue to search and interview, I am also taking stock of things and trying to think of some other alternative plan or strategy.  If my name is plugged into your favorite search engine, this blog comes up pretty readily.  I sometimes wonder if this might be what is scaring some administrators off.  I ran into this a bit in my old school.  The first administration seemed to be largely supportive, but when things turned over, the new administrators were decidedly more nervous.  This reached a fever pitch here in Georgia in 2009 when a teacher was asked to resign over a Facebook entry and then she later sued the district.  Basically the advice our teacher advocacy group was giving teachers was, “Don’t do it.”  That meant stay well away from all social media as much as possible.  But now, most districts and the Georgia Department of Education all have their own Facebook sites.  But that does not mean that administrators are going to simply overlook a person’s space that is giving information that is also out of their control.  And this blog has had its share of political content, although I have gone to great lengths to protect former and potential employers by never posting any names and not mentioning specifics but speaking more in generalities based on a body of experiences.

Thing is, I don’t know.  It could be the blog.  It could be something I have no idea about.  It is as if something is out there that says “If we hire this guy, we are in a world of trouble!  Better to hire someone else or even leave the position vacant!”

SO…all that is to say that I am still unemployed.  I have another check or two, and then we are into an emergency fund I built up the last few years.  However, one medical bill can pretty much sink any sized savings or nest egg.  So there is a considerable amount of soul searching involved here regarding what I want to do or what I should do.  I suspect that my old position will be open again in a few months, just based on what I know about the position/person combination.

SO I am a bit anxious about what life is going to choose for me next.  Things can still happen, of course…good things!  I’m just trying to think about ways that I might be able to tilt them in a more favorable direction as well as try not to get too discouraged.

On a positive note, after the year I had last year, I really have enjoyed the extended summer break.  Seriously, I did not really miss the preplanning and all the fuss my former/future colleagues have been going through getting things ready.  Usually after about 3 weeks of summer laziness, I get antsy and am ready to get back into it.  It is only now that I am feeling that tug to get back.  I had an interview today, in fact, and watching the kids in the halls and going in the office and the hustle and bustle, I could feel myself being mentally pulled back.  I felt it…I wanted back in.  As for this particular interview, they heard exactly what they needed to hear, for good or ill, as it seemed much shorter than my previous ones.  Since the long interview isn’t as positive as I once thought it was, maybe the short one is a better sign.

So this blog: Helpful or a hindrance?  Poll at the bottom in the side bar!

4 Responses to “School is in Session!”

  1. Liz Ditz August 12, 2010 at 9:46 am #

    Hi there. I hope you land right-side up, soon.

    I think the blog is an asset, personally — but I’m not a public school administrator.

    • Daniel Dage August 15, 2010 at 3:29 pm #

      Yes, I think most people would see it as an asset for reflection, networking, learning and teaching. But as you said, administrators get paid to be very cautious. So I’ll keep it going to see if anything happens. Thanks for the well-wishes!

  2. eric harris August 12, 2010 at 3:36 pm #

    The question, of course, is not whether your peers think that the blog is a good idea (obviously you are well respected among your peers), but whether an administrator would feel the same way.

    In this day and age, they need to be very politically sensitive. Are some of them hyper-sensitive and afraid of your blog? Could be.

    I have been considering beginning a blog, but have decided to do it under a pseudonym for exactly this reason.

    For the sake of the students out there, I sincerely hope that an administrator can have the good judgment to hire you (and give you a raise)!

    God bless you, man. Hang tough.

    • Daniel Dage August 15, 2010 at 3:34 pm #

      I did blog anonymously for several years and it is a lot different than being out there with your own name. But I wanted to be able to help families and students in my own community as well as those others around the country who were already reading me. Also so the next time a U.S. Senator has his office write or call, I don’t have to worry about protecting my anonymous identity! In the end, I thought transparency was best, especially once I got into doing videos.

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