I’m available!

27 Feb

Well, it is now official. I will be a free agent come the end of this school year. It is tough and scary to think about being unemployed and looking in this economic climate. But I think it is time for a change of some sort. It will be good for me and I hope good for the kids. I hope. I worry about who will be in their future, but know there are some other good folks out there.

And I still have to finish the year, and the GAA is totally breathing down my neck and consuming me at the moment. Plus annual reviews are in full swing. After not doing many last year, I am back in the LEA business as far as meetings. So hopefully I can post IEP stuff pretty soon. Being an LEA and seeing how other parent-teacher teams work always inspires me.

And then of course my own annual review and then there is my oldest son’s IEP coming up.

By way of an update, I will say that he seems to be doing very well. He is pulling his weight academically (with considerable prodding and support from his mother) and is progressing well. But he still requires a good bit of extra support at school.

So I know all the sp.ed. teachers are getting into crunch mode now. Hang in there…it will be spring break before you know it!

Meanwhile, I have a resume to polish up.


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  1. Tandy March 1, 2010 at 9:17 pm #

    Wow! Good luck on that job search. Wherever you end up they will be lucky to have you.

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