New Project – My Backyard

14 Oct

In the interest of fairness, I’m unveiling my latest blogging project.  Longtime readers know that I occasionally blog about Linux, and sometimes people actually read it.!  It’s a small niche project and I enjoy being part of that little niche community.   While more eyeballs land on this blog day-in and day-out, blogging for and about enthusiasts is quite an adventure.

Here, I write for and about my life in the world of exceptionalities, professionally and personally.  It’s been a total labor of love, and I enjoy it.  In the early days, as an anonymous blogger it was a great place to vent my spleen about being a teacher and a parent.  Then I came out as “me” and made this accessible to everyone.  And several people in the higher echelons were not well pleased with many of my opinions and writings.  So I find myself still trying to find a voice of passion that is still acceptable professionally.  Not an easy tightrope to walk upon!  And this is a source of frustration in my writing here, since it often feels stilted.  There’s definitely a pall of oppression that weights things down in my present teaching circumstances.

There are going to be changes, no doubt.  I’ll write more on those as we go along, but in the interest of disclosure I’m unveiling a new blog: My Backyard. This is where my interests in science, nature and agriculture can come together and hopefully find expression.  Plus, it’s a place where I might be able to post on-topic pictures without running afoul of FERPA or HIPAA or any other privacy/confidentiality laws!

The whole beekeeping bug bit while I was helping Thomas with a school project a month or so ago.  He had drawn the topic of “wasps” for a report and we started researching and took a few pictures in the backyard and pit together a little power point.  I then extended the research to bees, in general, and…well, the rest is already blogged over there!

This place isn’t going dark, by any means.  I still have the GAA to finish!  Plus I want to blog my last 10 years “by the numbers.”  You’ll know it when you see it.  But if things slack off here even more than they already have, you’ll know why!


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