Getting it Together

25 Jul

Today I continued getting my room together.  It was and remains a huge job.  I still have to unpack boxes and bring the adaptive equipment.  Standers and wedges!  I forgot to factor in space for those big pieces of furniture when I arranged my stuff!  They are incredibly important for the students who use them, but they also spend a lot of time just getting in our way when they are not being used.  I actually have a very large space compared to most other rooms in the county, but there are lots of windows and other things that limit how space can be arranged.  I have to work to create spaces to work, learn, play, relax and change positions.  We basically live in this room (unlike other high school students, who change classes every period.  A period this year is defined as a 90 minute block.

I didn’t spend all of my time at school today, as it is Saturday afterall!  I did get quite a bit done, but there is still a ton of work to do.  Some of the unpacking I will leave for the paras, because i do have other things to do, like actually planning for the students and figuring how I might best use the paras I’ve been assigned.  I’ll handle that delicate subject in a later post.

Today, the building was officially open for all the teachers to come in and begin getting ready.   We have over 130 teachers in this building and I don’t think I saw more than a dozen.  This seems incredibly odd to me.  All week long, the middle and elementary schools have had hordes of activity around them as they busy themselves with various preparations.  What is up with my school?  Where was everyone?  Granted, none of us are getting paid for this time but this is true across the entire system.  I’m wondering if there is some lack of ethos at the high school level, or maybe it is just in our building.  I’ve often wondered at the differences between middle grades and high school communities and am very, very keen to find out one day soon.  One day.  But not today.

I did take pictures and shoot video and i may eventually post some sort of vlog showing my progress. The cosmetic work has mostly been done, for now except for doing stuff to the walls.  If I have a weakness (I do have many), arts and crafts are chief among them.  I’m lousy at bulletin boards and making decorations.  I actually favor a blank wall.  If I do happen to make a bulletin board, it will stay up FOREVER!  Seriously, at my last job that I did for 4 years I put up a board in the computer lab that never changed.  EVER.  It just sort of faded.  The only reason I changed classroom boards was because they moved me to a different classroom.  Fortunately I have paras that are talented in that area.  Or I hope I have paras that are talented in that area.

Mentally, I shift from dread, to anger, to anticipation to grim determination in regards to the coming year.  There’s always some sense of hope going into a new school year but a lot of that has been diminished for me.  I still feel the remnants of last year’s betrayal, which flairs up every time I see other people advance, move on and do other things while I’m still stuck.   So it  is that I gear up and get my room and my head together for year 10 in the SID/PID room.

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