Questions about Twitter and other Web 2.0

31 Dec

I’m as much of a nerd, or more than anyone. But I’m one of the last techno-nerds around who hasn’t gotten all excited about Twitter. So I thought I’d throw this out to my smallish community and see what turns up. Ironically, if I were on Twitter, I could simply Tweet this and get instant answers! This came up as I was fixing my RSS feed application, which is Thunderbird. I love that I can use it on my Linux machines as well as my Windows machines.

While adding oodles of subscriptions (Those in my blogroll plus many, many more) it occured to me that there is no way I can possibly keep up with all of these people and all of this information. And this does not include my increasing YouTube subscription list and podcast subscriptions! Oh, and not to mention the comments on all of these plus the big one: EMAIL!

So what is the deal with Twitter? It comes off as a microblog, and I totally get that. But I already have a couple of blogs, ThankYouVeryMuch! Do you need a smart phone to use it? And what of teachers who are not supposed to be using their phones while in school? And what of teachers who have all social networking sites blocked at school?

To me, the short 140 character snippets from possibly hundreds of people add to the information clutter I already have going on. I love, love learning new things which is why I’m so plugged in as it is. I listen to podcasts while driving and hit video sites to learn new things and fiddle with new technology, and subscribe to bunches of blogs plus have a totally different array of tools and subscriptions on my iGoogle. To me, it is getting to be a bit much.

So how do others manage it all? And is Twitter truly the Bee Knees?

Now I’m off to make a post on my other (neglected) blog!

5 Responses to “Questions about Twitter and other Web 2.0”

  1. John Lloyd at 12:58 pm #

    I dunno how others manage it, but I don’t do it well. Sigh.

    I do like Twitter, though, as a means for alerting others to new content on sites. As executive director for, I created a Twitter account for TeachingLD and I use it to announce new content and solicit suggestions about the site. (Right now, TLD doesn’t have RSS features, so this is helpful with its static content.)



  2. David at 11:36 am #

    Twitter is the noise from other people’s life that I can do without….albeit fairly polite information (…I’m sure it’ll be a mine of useful information for social scientists for years to come

  3. C-Marie at 9:53 am #

    Can’t say I’m as tuned in or turned on by it… I’ll have to agree with David’s comment.

  4. Rick Hopper at 9:42 am #

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    Thank you

  5. Maddy at 7:11 pm #

    I’m on Twitter and use it occasionally although I’m not terribly sure why. Probably I was invited by someone else……I can be such a sheep sometimes.

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