A little note to our State Superintendent

23 Sep

Dear Ms. Cox,

Thank you for agreeing to come to our school.  Everyone is excited and anticipating your visit here.  I noticed on the itinerary that you’ll be teaching an AP government class and visiting an AP language arts class as well as  geometry, biology and visual arts classes.

I’m sure the AP classes will be thrilled and will appreciate the attention that you are giving the AP programs, as well as the other academic areas that you will be visiting.  I’m also glad that you are officially smarter than a 5th grader! 

But if you really want to challenge yourself, I’d suggest that you might try teaching my students a bit of government or geometry or biology.  Just a thought. 

We usually go to breakfast a bit later than the regular students, so you’ll be hearing our class just about the time you get started with your lesson.  Trust me, you’ll hear us.  We might be the smallest class in the building, but we are also the loudest.   Those screams, squeals, screeches and howls are just us.  The students  get pretty loud too.

I just want to extend this invitation to you to visit our class.  I’m not asking you to teach them government (although I’m expected to) but we could use some diaper changing help.  You wouldn’t mind would you?




2 Responses to “A little note to our State Superintendent”

  1. Liz Ditz at 1:43 pm #

    Dan, I like this. Keep it up until she does visit your class.

  2. Daniel Dage at 6:33 am #

    I’m thinking about simply rolling some of my students her way! She’ll be whisked through the building pretty quickly so odds are that we probably won’t see her. But she’ll almost definitely hear us as the social studies department is just around the corner and I have several kids that rattle the windows half way across the building. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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