“I Have a Blog. Wanna See it?”

1 May

This is something I’ve been able to say the past few weeks that I haven’t been able to say the last couple of years because I’ve been busy trying to stay secret and anonymous. During those years folks have crossed my path who might have been able to help me with stuff or who I might have been able to help more but these opportunities were passed by because I was intent on staying anonymous.

Coming out has been exciting and scary at the same time. Truthfully, I suspect a few folks might check me out a time or two and then move on with their lives and never come back. Bloggers tend to be on the somewhat nerdy side, and most local people with whom I share my blog address are simply not on that page. Others might look around and check back periodically. And maybe a few others might feel like joining our little edublogging community.

There have been a number of days, especially this week, where I was missing the opportunity to rant, rave and vent. Some of my most popular posts were when I was spewing bile and vitriol upon my hapless readers. That is trhe coolest thing about being an anonymous blogger in that you can flame the people around you for all the stupid things they do and few people are the wiser. Yeah, go ahead and look in the archives. If you think you found a post where I was flaming you, I might very well have been! But most of my wrath is directed towards those in higher echelons of power on the state and federal level. NCLB especially has received a lot of my rage along with the GAA.
FWIW, I’m known for being a prickly pear amongst the people who are directly above me, and more than once have been chided for being unprofessional in the way I share some of my views. I have tried to tone it down a bit this year. Honest! But sometimes I think it’s time someone just comes right out and tells the truth and exposes the fact that there is a king or queen running around somewhere with no clothes! Ever seen a king or queen nekkid? Not a pretty site. A princess and an occasional prince might be able to pull it off, but not too many royals who actually wear the crown and sit on the throne.

Put yer clothes on!

For instance, in our county we have this entity called the Central Eligibility Committee (CEC). I’m not going to get into all the specifics of it here (local sp. ed. teachers can see for themselves on a sharepoint site) but I will say that the more interactions I have with that entity, the more vile and evil I think that it is. I know most of the people that make up the CEC and like pretty much all of them. But as an entity and a body that wields a considerable amount of power and influence, it has more in common with the old Soviet politburo that an entity designed to serve students with disabilities. It should go the way of Soviet communism, and disappear entirely so that IEP committees (made up of people who actually know the student) make eligibility decisions based on more than a bit of paperwork.

Anyway, I want to welcome whatever new folks happen to stumble into this from the Covington area, and note the disclaimer in my profile!


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