Exciting Changes: Help is on the way!

7 Apr

Dick Dalton will soon be leaving the blogging world.  However his blog will live on.  There’s some serious changes afoot, and I’m happy to see that WordPress is making it easier for me to transition to Web 2.1.  Yeah, we’re moving past web 2.0 to include more multimedia content and you all get to be part of it!

In case you haven’t guessed, Dick Dalton is not my real name.  I’ve protected my anonymousness like crazy on this blog, which made me freer to write and express myself.  But it has come at a cost, which is mainly being in touch with real people in real life.  So I’m pleased (if not apprehensive) about finally coming out of the anonymous closet…eventually.

I have videos on Teachertube and am working on some podcasts that will soon be tied in here.  I’m going to tie people in from my home school and my home district and perhaps even from the state department.  I may even stay teaching the severe and profound group another year, thanks to this particular change.  I’ll explain more later, after my official “outting.”

Some posts will come down and others will be..er…cleaned up a bit.  I’m hoping to get it done this week and then give the blog a new look and feel.

I want to thank you all for reading and commenting and following along.  I hope you will find the changes to be rewarding as you’ll finally see the “man behind the mask” so to speak.  This blog has been a labor of love and I hope to continue that anew and afresh by letting me be me.  Being two different people has been fun, but it has gotten harder and harder to be two seperate people.  so as I’ve become more of myself, Dick Dalton has gotten crowded out, hence the paucity of posts lately.

I’ve gotten a lot of good questions from parents and teachers asking for help that I just haven’t been able to get to, but I hope to be able to do so through podcasting in the near future.  It takes quite a bit longer to write and edit a post than just say what I have to say when I don’t need to be checking grammer and spelling!  I’ll still be writing, as that produces the best searchable database but I hope to do more follow-ups than I have.

Hold on to your butts, because this might be a bumpy ride!



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