6 Feb

My updates as far as the Georgia alternate Assessment (GAA) have been few and far between. I spent a huge amount of time bitching about it last year and went on to contact my various congressional representatives about it and the general atrociousness of NCLB. I did what I could on every level that I could. I blogged it and had some email conversations with the state DOE. I also had some conversations with Harry and Carey our local testing/Sp. Ed. AP’s about some things that could be done differently. I had mixed results all around. This year, Harry and Carey have let me go about my business with little hassle. In return I haven’t tried any snarkiness in my packet and have gotten the thing finished in good form and in record time.

Yes, I am FINISHED! What an ordeal. At times it was kind of fun but at other times it was simply annoying and bothersome. By 3 weeks ago, there was no longer any joy, I simply wanted to be finished. And I did exactly what I needed to do in order to do just that. There are many routes to failure on the GAA but none of them have to do with actual student achievement. Actual student achievement counts less on the assessment than whether or not the paperwork is done properly. Some might make the case that this is an accountability measure for teachers. Again, accountability towards what? If it isn’t student achievement, what are we supposed to be doing, again? For kids with an I.Q. of less than 25, the regular education process clearly is not able to handle the task. And the fact is, no one has even bothered to define what that task is. Of what possible use is algebra or literature to someone who can not feed themselves, talk, wipe their own butt or show any aptitude towards learning these skills? I’ll entertain ideas as to how to align butt-wiping with the general curriculum, especially from anyone who continues to think NCLB is such a grand idea. Senator Chambliss?

BTW, I’ll say a word about the primary election. I’m a social conservative, and am glad I had someone to vote for in the primary, despite some Yankee conservatives who were chafing at the idea of this concept of letting actual voters decide who they want to elect. I’m also planning on splitting my ticket in November at the very least, or perhaps bending the opposite way I normally lean politically. When it comes to educations, NONE of the politicians seem to be getting it. Sen. Chambliss said he couldn’t wait to vote for NCLB again. I can’t wait to vote his ass out before he gets a chance to cast that vote.



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  1. designonpost February 6, 2008 at 2:22 pm #

    You know what could be helpful? A quick little rundown on candidates educational platforms…more specifically, do they support NCLB or not? Or, if that’s too much, point those of us interested in the right direction to find something like that.

  2. Dick February 7, 2008 at 3:51 pm #

    try this site:

    How McCain feels about NCLB is largely unknown by his website or even his ads. Romney *loved* NCLB– thank goodness he’s been driven out. and the guy who mostly drove him out, Huckabe, who was also the only Republican to address the NEA at their convention said he was largely against it on the basis it detracted from other subjects such as art and music.

    Clinton and Obama are both very vocally against NCLB. Hillary said she would prefer to put an end to it altogether and scrap it in favor of her own plan. Obama is not quite as radiacal, seeking to “reform it in a fundamental way” mostly through funding.

    Incidentally, mcCain, clinton and Obama all voted for NCLB.


  3. kim February 12, 2008 at 8:35 pm #

    I am FINISHED!! Gave it my best shot on all SEVEN of them (3-5 grade). Sixty-two hours on GAA alone at home. Can’t wait to retire !!!!

  4. Kat February 25, 2008 at 7:04 pm #

    I think president Bush should have to do 20 GAA’s on severe profound 12th grade students. Let’s see if he enjoys spending hours on trying to match a task and standard. How creative could he be?

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