Passed and Certified!

1 Oct


I did get my GACE scores and passed both subject areas in science.  However, the score report is a joke.  I paid big bucks to take this sucker and least they could do is send me a bloody score!  The rationale behind not sending a real score is that they want to make sure the test is only used for certification purposes and not for such things as college screening or employment.  I think this is absurd since we PAID for taking it, we should be able to use the scores for whatever we want!  If my scores are higher than another job applicant, why shouldn’t an administrator decide to use it in the hiring process?


Instead, each section of test is marked with these ridiculous “+” thingies, and is scaled.  “++++” is most questions answered correctly or a response reflected thorough understanding in the constructed response assignment.  A single “+” means few questions answered correctly or the response reflected little or no understanding. In between, there is +++ which is “many questions answered correctly” and ++  “some questions answered correctly” What the heck?  How vague can you get? 


The good news is that in the multiple choice section my score was “++++” in all areas.  In the constructed response, my scores were ++++. ++++, ++, +++ respectively.  Yeah, it even looks stupid.


Oh well.  You’re just seeing my competitive nature come out.   I like doing things better than other people, and since my career in pro sports was ruined by that knee injury 10 years ago, I figure I need a little something!


Once the scores came in, I was sweating a bit.  What now?  Do I have to still send in a transcript or something to finally get certified?  Do I have to reapply or get the school to do it for me?


The answer came in last week, when my new certificate came in the mail with 2 shiny new certification areas added.  Earth/space science (6-12) and Science (6-12).  And without the SPED label in front of it!  WooHoo!  Adding certification areas is as easy as paying the money and passing the test.  Maybe I’ll try PE or history next.



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  1. designonpost October 1, 2007 at 9:34 pm #

    Yeah, my GACE test came out like that. I was annoyed too. They don’t do it like that in Texas.

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