Testing. Testing, testing….

5 Aug

Holy crap.  Four freaking hours of testing!


In the state of Georgia, a whole butt-load of teachers joined me in jumping through the certification hoop of GACE testing.  A lot, lot, lot of very young teachers were at my site, which happened to be waaay out in the boondocks, at least by the route Mapquest took me.  I expected those guys from Deliverance to come out of the woods at any second!  I was there around 7:45 a.m. and we were eventually let in to find our hall, room and seat. Our test proctor was a bit of a test Nazi, and clamped down on our pre-test chatter.  But before the gag order, I was able to learn that some of my fellow teachers from Magnolia County were there, mostly Special education and Early Childhood teachers. 


I was taking Science I and Science II tests.  Science I is life and earth science content areas, while science II is the chemistry/physics stuff.  I have a decent background in all areas except the earth science where I’ve just managed to pick up things from my other science courses.  All in all it wasn’t too bad, except the two written response questions at the end of each test.  That was an effort for me, not because I can’t write (I have a blog, hello?!) but because my penmanship is so sorry that it alone would probably qualify me for any medical school.  So I had to try to take my time to be neat.  I still wonder about that.  At least the GRE was computerized and I could type it so it felt more like blogging than a test!


The early childhood folks were the first ones to escape our overheated classroom.  Those of us taking tests requiring calculators were the last ones sweating it out.  By the end of the thing, I was pretty much spent.


Aside from the youngerness of the other test takers, there was one another feature that made me stick out.  I was the only guy in the room.  The male-female ratio in education has always been lopsided, but 25:1?  Too bad I’m no longer single, because these tests would be a great place to meet women!  Oh well, if Jane kicks me out, I’ll know what to do.


For all of my fellow teachers who took the GACE this last time out, relax.  I know you’ll pass because the tests are only designed to determine a minimum level of competency.  The fact that you’ve been able to suffer through my blog indicates that you’re already exceptional!


In other news, I did spend Sonny’s Funny Money.  I was in the local Big-Store and I had more than one person ask me which school I taught at or if I was a teacher.  No, I was not wearing a name tag or badge or anything, and I was just buying office supplies.  One was a girl who couldn’t have been more that 11 or 12 and I’d never seen before.  Another was the checkout lady in electronics.  She said I just looked like a teacher.  “If you said you weren’t a teacher, I was going to say you should be one because you just look like a teacher.”


So if you’re curious as to what I look like, just picture in your mind a male teacher in his 40’s.  Apparently I match the archtype.  Perhaps when a body is in a profession long enough they begin looking the part.  I don’t mind looking like a teacher as there are many worse things a person could look like.  “Hey, you look like arsonist!” or “Hey, you like you should be a politician!”  Or perhaps “You look like you should be an educational lobbyist/consultant in Washington!”  Now that would just be plain rude.



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  1. CaliforniaTeacherGuy at 8:41 am #

    I’m a career-changer, starting my second year of teaching special ed. I can tell from reading your blog that it’s your sense of humor that has helped you survive in your classroom. May I develop a sense of humor as broad and rich as yours!

  2. designonpost at 4:45 pm #

    There were a lot more men in my group when I took the GACE the first time it was offered. If you have to take it again come out to Muscogee County, you’ll feel more comfortable.

    I decided I’ll be finishing my certification in Midd;e Grades LA/SS and then testing for my Spec Ed certification. Going through UGA and their online program turned out to be a huge waste of time for me…I was SO close to being finished with my certification in TX that it made no sense for me to start over at square one. Plus, if I need to, I will be able to teach LA or SS.

  3. dick dalton at 6:38 am #

    As I was just telling one of my paras last week, CTG; you have to just laugh because otherwise you’ll end up crying sometimes. Keeping perspective definitely helps as we have to deal with so many absurdities in this business.

    Designpost, getting up and driving at 6:30 a.m. on a Saturday was sinful enough. adding another couple of hours? No thanks! And it’s not that I was too uncomfortable with it, I just realized how terribly lopsided it was. I’m sure women in engineering or other male-dominated professions see that all the time.

    And having additional certifications is a smart move, regardless. Although LA and SS have never been in the highest of demand fields. Unless you can coach something. THEN you will be highly sought after!


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