Real Accountability

9 Jul

I just got a letter from my representative in the U.S. Congress, and I have to say I’m impressed to get such a personal response in such a timely manner.  He’s in a district where he won by the skin of his teeth last election, so he knows every vote counts.  Several of you live in such districts, so you too can write them!


He was very sympathetic and said that he had gotten other comments and letters regarding NCLB and those with severe disabilities.  Voices are being heard.  However, he is not on the House Education and Workforce Committee but knows they are sensitive to the issue of NCLB needing some work in this area.  However it will not happen until later in the year, which means we are all stuck with it for awhile.


I also wrote to my two state senators, Saxby Chambliss (who is up for re-election) and Johnny Isakson who is not up until 20010.  Unfortunately, Isakson is the one who needs the most heat, because he is actually one of the folks GW Bush tapped to help write and pass this abomination.  And he a member of the appropriate committee in the senate.


Folks, the time to really make a stand is right now.  I’ve never been much of a political participant, other than voting, but this has certainly made an activist out of me.  I have no problems writing a check to someone who articulates well on this issue, and this is irregardless of party lines. 


It’s somewhat encouraging to get some positive feedback, which just further eggs me on and energizes me.  I’ll go ahead and send Mr. Chambliss and Mr. Isakson another copy of my letter through snail mail as that may prove more persuasive than the webmail version.



Saxby Chabliss


District Address
100 Galleria Parkway, Suite 1340
Atlanta, GA 30339
Phone: 770-763-9090
Fax: 770-226-8633

Johny Isakson

District Address
One Overton Park 3625 Cumberland Boulevard,

Suite 970
Atlanta, GA 30339
Phone: 770-661-0999
Fax: 770-661-0768




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  1. designonpost July 9, 2007 at 9:49 pm #

    We recently got our GAA scores back and they’re basically proof that the scores are totally arbitrary and all of the HARD work that the teacher I worked with and I did was basically all for naught. We pretty much cut and pasted all of the same info for all of our 3rd graders. One got the highest score in language arts and he’s probably our lowest student and one got an NA and she’s probably one of our highest functioning. It’s crazy.

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