I Want a Mistress for Christmas

12 Dec

I’ve been procrastinating on this GAA stuff. I’d rather do ANYTHING else but that junk. I mean there are some things have been sort of fun. We actually finished the science project totally. We simply grew two types of plants, watered them and left them outside. When the cold weather came, it killed off one group of plants but not the other.

A small tear streamed down his face as he picked up the small jiffy pot. He pointed to the plant and gave me this plaintive look, sort of grunting and pointing. He knew his little plant that he had put in the soil and watered and nurtured was now dead. It would never live to bloom or enjoy the sun and the water again. He didn’t understand why, all he knew was that his plant was dead.

Thanks GAA. Thanks a lot! You’ve clearly caused grave psychological damage to this innocent student because of your blood thirsty ways!

Just kidding.

While he did acknowledge the fact that his beans were no more, and he did look at them he moved on in about 5 seconds. The boy has a notoriously short attention span. It’s entirely too short for something like mourning a dead plant. He does get excited about watering the remaining plants every day, though. And we did do some measuring which was hilarious (while being excruciatingly annoying) the first day. He did get better at holding the meter stick steady while I snapped a picture. The measuring and dying plant phase is actually collection period 2, so technically I’m ahead of the game. But since I haven’t started filling out any forms, I’m actually behind. This whole collection period one nonsense is due this week.

Moving on…

My kids are going to get a bunch of home made FOOD for Christmas, as are my paras. I also usually put a few lottery tickets in with the cards to the paras. At least there’s always the potential of someone getting a huge bonus. In years past, Christmas was an ungainly production in our program with so many kids and staff it was nearly unmanageable with so many gifts. Thank goodness for student loans. I did get a few nifty little sensory toys from the Oriental Trading Company. It’s a great place to buy cheap junk that kids like. Parents, OTOH…

A couple of years ago, I actually had a theme going where I bought various musical instruments and noise makers for the kids. Kazoos, sliding flutes, maracas, bells and assorted whistles. Yes, it’s true. There really is a conspiracy to drive parents crazy! However, our kids being who they are and the stuff being as cheap as it is, had many of the items broken before they got home. So at least there’s that. For the most part, though, I stick to durable things like balls that light up or spinning things.

I’ve gotten some nice gifts as a teacher, the nicest being from a parent who was a Special Olympic sponsor and gave me a nice Special Olympic shirt. But I can tell you that most of us teachers have gotten entirely too many coffee mugs. Especially since I’m not a coffee drinker. I know, it’s the thought that counts and I appreciate the thought. But I don’t necessarily expect anything from anyone. The good people of Magnolia County pay me for doing what I do and I’m okay with that.

As a parent of a couple of kids in a combination of special and regular classes and each riding a different special bus with driver and monitor plus assorted therapists…you can see this can quickly become an out-of-control ordeal. So that is why we go with the Christmas cookies which the boys enjoy helping to decorate. Food is always a winner for the giving and receiving.

Oh, as far as the title of the post, well that was obviously just a ploy for getting you to read. But I’m sure there might be a teacher out there that wouldn’t mind!


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