Para-Educator Day

15 Nov

Somewhere, someone designated today as official Para-Educator Day (a.ka. paraprofessional day, teacher aid day, teacher assistant day…etc) but they failed to tell me about it. It was announced over the intercom this morning so the paras and I found out at the same time! No time to prepare anything. I usually make a proper go of it the week before we get off for Christmas Break, bringing in breakfast and cooking something for lunch plus various gifts and such. It’s quite a deal since I have more paras that anyone else in the building and mine have arguably the toughest job in the school.


So if you see a para today, let them know that you appreciate them and the work they do as theirs is often among the most thankless of jobs.



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  1. TK at 1:30 pm #

    Today was “Read and Relax Day” at my wife’s school. She was quite pleased to go to school in sweat pants.

    I’ll be sure to tell her thanks when I see her tonight.

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