Sonny’s Funny Money

4 Aug

Thanks to the initiative by Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue, every teacher in the state of Georgia has a $100 gift card that they can use to buy school related supplies during the state’s Sales Tax Holiday which starts today and ends Sunday night.

Just how much vote-buying can Georgia politicians pack into one weekend?LOL! The gift card is allegedly a way that the state can help defray the amount of money that teachers dig out of their own pockets for school supplies every year. And it is true that I have done this when I have seen items that we needed and decided it was easier to just pay for it rather than go through the hassle of a request/purchase order/vendor order/special request and waiting days to months to get the actual item. I bought a toaster and a microwave so we could practice making stuff in our kitchen. The adults in my room also use the stuff plenty, which is okay. The point is, I know what I need and having to justify every little thing becomes just one more hassle.

The Feds have also gotten into it, with their $250 teacher tax credit. All of this is lovely, but it still looks like a cheap vote-buying scheme, to me. I don’t think it is any coincidence that Sonny is up for re-election this year. The Tax-Free Holiday for school supplies was the brainchild of his predecessor, Roy Barnes, and it wasn’t enough to save his skin. I’m just sayin’.

We are getting all sorts of promotional stuff from stores trying to get a piece of this money. The gift card MUST be used this weekend, so all of the stores have one shot at all of the teachers in Georgia. In Magnolia County alone, we’re looking at well over a million bucks plus all of the parents buying stuff for their kids. Staples, Big Lots and Office Depot are just a few of the stores offering special promotions just for teachers in the form of sweepstakes, free breakfasts and additional discounts. This weekend is sure to be a madhouse. I’m going to do my best to avoid it.

I did use part of my money at the local Kmart during our community time this morning. Last year, after I had spent my allotment of money, the IT guy got us a new printer so I had nothing to buy ink with. Now I have one extra black and one extra color cartridge to last the year if I can keep the paras from abusing it. And I still have $50 left. I was looking for a beanbag chair for my wheelchair kids, but Kmart didn’t have any. But Big Lots did.


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