Welcome Back!

21 Jul

Yes, some of you might not want to be reading this, but the days are getting shorter. Today was the first day back to school with all of the teachers, paras, lunch people, custodians…everyone in Magnolia County in the education business.

I, for one, was thankful to be back. I need the structure and routine that regular work provides. Maybe I’m a nutcase, but I’m okay with that.

I had a chance to see all of our adult characters from last year, and they are all doing well. Coach had his baby in June and was almost as glad as me to be back at work. Princess was back, and was her regularly snappy self, Patience was her regular patient self. Ruth was here, as outspoken as usual. Queen’s husband had some sort of surgery this morning, but she did make an afternoon appearance. Oh, and Mr. Pyle was also present. Did I miss anyone? We’ll catch up to other supporting characters later.

We had breakfast provided by the cheerleaders and a fairly brief meeting, introducing new teachers and providing a schedule for next week. We don’t have too many new teachers (maybe 10) and most of those were in the social studies department. Maybe they just haven’t filled the Special Ed. positions, yet.

There were several things on my mind upon returning, but the biggest was who was going to be assigned where in our room. We will only have 5 or 6 students so we don’t need 7 adults. The word did not come until late in the afternoon when the paras had their meeting to find out their assignments. Up until that meeting, most of them hung out in our rooom.

First of all, Mr. Pyle is assigned somewhere else with a different para. We don’t know exactly what he’ll be teaching or even where, but it will not be in this room. This is good news for me. The para assigned to him started out in this room and is pretty competent so maybe it will work out. Not knowing what he is doing or where he will be is driving him batty, though. Hopefully that will be resolved on Monday.

Ruth is assigned to a different teacher in the department. I’m a bit surprised she hasn’t retired, but she said she really needs the health insurance as she is not quite eligible for medicaid, yet.

The biggest change for me is the loss of Princess, who is assigned to the same sub-department she came from before joining us. She’ll be with a different teacher but will still have to work with the teacher she had so much conflict with before. And THAT worries me. She might just quit over it, as she has been really happy with being with the SID kids this past year. But I’m in a bit of a spot.

Coach, Queen and Patience are currently assigned to worrk with me. If I could, I’d send Queen off to work in another setting. But she has been here forever and politics being what they are she’ll have to be carried out of here. Coach’s position is pretty safe because he is specifically assigned to Spaz. That leaves Patience, who worked with Charlie last year who is going to the other school. Patience might be a better choice to move, although I don’t like the idea of losing her either. But it would be better than having Princess get drummed out after we had made so much progress last year in building her self-confidence.

The other concern I had is about the ones I sent to the new school. Who would they get to fill that spot? According to someone who went out there today, they hired a football coach. One with little or no experience. Crap. I know that principal and he has no idea the trouble he is asking for.

I suppose it is worth noting that for the second consecutive year, our school made AYP! The number of high schools not on the Needs Improvement list is very small, so maybe I shouldn’t have said. But it was something our principal was excited and happy about.

Okay, we are off and running for another year! I’m glad to have you all along for the ride. I sense some drama coming up, so stay tuned. Plus, there are always issuues that come up with educational policy and such that impacts what we do. Sometimes I WISH there was nothing to write about, but there usually is. Drama and excitement are often over rated.


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  1. CaliforniaTeacherGuy July 21, 2006 at 7:50 pm #

    I, too, am looking forward to the “security” of a daily routine. School starts for me (with all the kidlets back) on 21 August–a ways down the road yet.

  2. Dick July 21, 2006 at 8:10 pm #

    Well, I’ll try to keep things interesting enough here, that you can live vicariously and maybe even sit back and say, “Gee, I sure am glad I’M on vacation and not having to deal with that crap!”

    Sounds like a good series…”Things that make you glad you’re still on Summer Vacation.” I’ll see what I can do.


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