Ready or Not…

18 Jul


Today is the first day back to work for Magnolia County’s newest batch of teachers.  I am totally sympathetic for any of them who transferred in from somewhere where school just got out 3 weeks ago!  But there is going to be a big batch of new teachers this year with the new high school opening.  I wonder if they found a SID/PID teacher, yet?  Actually, they needed two, as the other high school had one move to another position.


I noticed this year the teacher induction process is shorter than past years, perhaps to lengthen the summer by a day or so.  Basically, when I went through it, it was a big deal.  The first day, the chamber of commerce had businesses set up booths and we spent much of the morning talking to people and getting free stuff.  We also spent time going through some of the benefit paperwork with the director of personnel.  This year, we have a new personnel director as well as a new superintendent so there are some major changes afoot, for good or ill.  I guess we’ll all find out together.


The second day was spent in various workshops covering various topics of school policy, behavior management, parent conferences, dress code and other topics, often divided between secondary and primary levels.  Then we spent more time with other new teachers at our particular schools.  The teachers that were brand new out of college when I started are now seasoned veterans and the competent cream of the crop having survived 6 years.  The nonhackers are long gone.


Teacher induction was also held throughout the rest of the year as we had several other meetings in evenings culminating with one at the end of the year.  Unfortunately there usually aren’t quite as many then as there were at the beginning.  It is a very tough business we’re in.


The rest of us report this Friday, and then Monday we have a meeting of all county special education teachers.  That is usually a big, long meeting and it is going to get bigger and longer as they keep adding new people on the county level.  My biggest concern is that we’re going to buried with ever more paperwork as this is what they do at the county office: generate more forms, manuals, procedures and rules.  That is a major downside of being in a county system that is growing so quickly.


As the summer draws to a close, I’ll be getting my annual physical to drive the bus for another year and I really need a haircut.


The bus:  UGH!  Truly the hottest place in the entire county is behind the wheel of a bus.  Drivers sit right behind the engine block (or on it) and are surrounded by windows.  There is usually one little fan that blows the hot air and one open window if they are lucky.  But on the other side is the door, which doesn’t offer the cross circulation that is everywhere else on the bus while it is moving.  I am NOT looking forwards to that so much.  But it’s part of what we do.  Maybe I’ll have some other folks to split driving duties with, hopefully.


I think I’m ready.  Are you?


Ready or not, it is coming; a new school year with some new characters, some new challenges, some new drama and a whole new year of exciting adventures.  I’m really looking forward to sharing this with y’all. 



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