An Index for my IEP Series

31 May

I’m still getting hoards of hits on this, mostly from Liz, who has a partial index of her own. So here it is, building on what she started:

  1. IEP Preperation: School Staff
  2. IEP Preperation: Parents
  3. Present Level of Performance
  4. Behavior Intervention Plan
  5. Accomodations and Modifications
  6. Goals and Objectives
  7. Transition Plan and IHP
  8. Service Options and Placement
  9. ESY
  10. IEP Process: Functional Behavior Assessment
  11. Manifestation Determination Part 1
  12. Manifestation Determination Part 2

Hopefully this can make things easier for those of you searching for information. I’ve more or less organized this according to how I proceed at a typical IEP meeting. Just remember that your state or county may do things differently. In fact, it even varies within districts and across teachers. Also, look at the category under “IEPs” where I make additional comments on IEPs that I happen to conduct or attend. Many thanks to all of you for stopping by and reading. I hope this will be helpful to parents and teachers trying to figure out the whole IEP mess.

Pt. 2 of the graduation post is on it’s way.


5 Responses to “An Index for my IEP Series”

  1. liz June 4, 2006 at 11:04 am #

    Hi Dick, I also just found this resource

    Developing Standards-based IEPs

    This module prepares you to participate in Individual Education Program (IEP) meetings and IEP development. Lessons cover: IEP Fundamentals, Initiating IEPs, Developing the Heart of IEPs, Completing IEPs, and assuring a Free, Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). A dual focus is maintained on developing both legally correct and educationally useful IEPs.

  2. Jessie Geroux April 17, 2007 at 4:08 pm #

    Im not surpirsed your IEP series as so popular… I happened to come accross your blog quite by accident while doing some refresher reading for my own 6 year son with autisms IEP.. I have already shared the link to your blog with friends on a message board. Its a refreshing take from both an educator and parent and I appreciate your candor and honesty Thank you for what you have shared. Your links in accommodations and modifications helped me tremendously.

    Jessie Geroux


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