More Fleecing

24 Apr

Actually this is a continuation of the fleecing that has been taking place and continues to take place.

This time, the target is Asperger’s Syndrome. Full-blown autism is a difficult condition for parents to deal with. Asperger’s can also be difficult for someone who has no prior experience with it. But this is the population that, as adults, come resent a lot of the efforts to “cure” them. FWIW, I believe that as young children, parents are going to do the best they can with the knowledge that they have. But like NT children, once they reach the teenage years, they should be getting a progressively larger chunk of the say and responsibility. That includes plugging them into an Aspie community if they want.

I frequently get traffic from those looking for information about Asperger’s, and when I follow the site back, I can read others who are posting on the subject. But there are also a number of ads at the top of the page:

The last one caught my attention, so I decided to visit, thus supporting Technorati’s support of my place. I’m always fascinated by the whole biomedical remedy brand of quackery. And Native Remedies does not disappoint.

Actually, I will confess to being one who is searching for the possibility of more natural treatments that might hold out promise apart from the the more traditional meds, such as the Concerta we are now trying with our son. If there is some sort of herb or plant, something I could grow myself, I might give it a try. So if I visit an herbal medicine site, I look to see what is the active ingredient.

But Native Remedies gives no such information. Instead of saying they are treating anxiety with St. John’s Wort or lavender, they simply say that they offer something called PureCalm. Instead of treating ADHD with Ritalin or Concerta, how about the all-natural Focus ADHD Formula combined with the all-natural herbal BrightSpark for symptoms of defiance. and who knew that meltdowns could be eliminated so easily with the magical elixer called ….are you ready for this?….

Tantrum Tamer.

For the mere pittance of $161.95, I can remedy all of the symptoms of Asperger’s, including sleep disturbances, anxiety, temper control, hyperactivity and concentration. Conveniently billed to my Visa card.

Never once do they say what is actually in these miracle, all natural, herbal remedies. Are these tinctures first filtered naturally through the kidneys of the packaging people, after they’ve been smoking some of these miracle weeds? This may be one instance where smoking various weeds would be a job requirement!LOL!

Okay, I’m being silly. But these things are not FDA approved, they are not regulated by any agency. You could be taking (or worse, giving your children) some sort of tea brewed with the manure of various animals. Too bad i never stumbled upon this racket when I lived on the farm. Is it too much to ask what exactly is in this stuff? What gives BrightSparkle its sparkle?

To those following the Technorati links to find me, I welcome you. But watch where you walk. You might step in something.


4 Responses to “More Fleecing”

  1. liz April 24, 2006 at 10:02 pm #

    Dang. Lindamood-Bell marketing. They *do* seem to do a good job with kids with problems with phonemic awareness, and phoneme-grapheme awareness problems (you could say, reading issues or dyslexia), but ASD? Why?

    I am sure that some subset of ASD kids also have reading issues. But as a primary approach? Feh.

  2. Dick Dalton April 25, 2006 at 6:53 am #

    Because there’s $$$$ to be made! Lots of it. I’m thinking that catering to the ASD crowd must be a huge and growing industry as desperate parents quickly go from one thing to another, looking for that magic cure.


  3. Bob King May 2, 2006 at 6:05 pm #

    There are two very effective organic substances that quite effectively abate many of the symptoms associated with AS.

    Tobacco and Caffine.

    And for parents – alcohol. As in, sit down, have a drink and get over the trauma of having a child that’s happy to be alone in their room, reading.

  4. Kenny Handelman June 23, 2007 at 11:32 pm #

    I don’t support the blatant marketing of natural pills for autism/aspergers – but sometimes some natural approaches can be helpful (when taken in context with other treatments)
    Here are some articles on ASD and ADHD:
    Dr. Kenny

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