Welcome Skeptics!

31 Mar

I'd like to welcome the Skeptic's Circle, by way of Terra Sigillata by way of Liz. I had no idea there was such a thing! I hope you all enjoy looking, reading and otherwise snooping around.

Really, I had no idea my little screed would attract much attention. At least positive attention. I actually half expected to be attacked by someone who would be offended at me for going after one of their sacred cow treatments.

I've had the sacred cow treatment…it's powerful stuff.
How odd (yet appropriate) that I would be "discovered" by a larger group unrelated to education before making it into a more mainstream educational circle. Actually, this is a bigger deal, because I've discovered an entirely new community of folks who've discovered me. Thanks Ms. Liz!;-)

It's been a helluva day, which I may get around to blogging about later, after I recover. In the meantime, I'll be happy to imbibe some of those malted beverages y'all are serving at the Skeptic's meeting!


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