The Fleecing of the Autism Community

20 Mar

What I am going to discuss is the skepticism that exists within the autism community toward whatever the latest treatment/miracle cure is out there. I am from a decidedly behaviorist background, and was before becoming a parent. But my wife Jane was not. Jane, joining the growing legions of parents in search of cures, treatments and whatever else could help tried all sorts of different things.

First, there was the Cranial Sacral therapy. Next was the GFCF diet. Then there were the special tonics, herbs, essential oils roots and shoots from various alternative medicine doctors. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is auditory integration therapy, aquatic therapy, hippotherapy, healing crystals, megavitamins, facilitated communication, holding therapy, floortime, ABA, TEACCH, video modeling, social stories, light therapy, acupuncture, chelation therapy Sensory integration therapy, and I’m sure I’m leaving some out. A few years ago, someone said their son was cured of his autism by taking secretin, more traditionally used to treat digestive disorders. Not long after, doctors were besieged by requests for secretin and a black market developed for it.

You want to know how many research validated treatments there are for autism? Do you want to know how many treatments are considered well established empirically validated? I’ll tell you how many: NONE. How about “Probably efficacious?”


No single treatment or treatment approach has passed muster to be considered empirically validated according to Division 12 of the American Psychological Association. In order to be considered empirically validated, the approach must:

-Have a manual documenting how to do it

– Have been validated through results showing clinical and statistical significance by at least 2 separate studies done by 2 unrelated researchers/teams OR have 5 or more single subject design studies done by separate and independent researchers.

– These studies must all be published in peer reviewed journals

-The results must show significant gains or advantages over placebo or other well-established treatments

I might be missing one criterion, but this is the gist of it. So far, none of my listed interventions for autism have passed muster. I’m guessing that social stories might be getting close to being “probably efficacious” which has fewer requirements as far as the number of studies published than that to be considered “empirically validated.”

There is a never-ending supply of charlatans and snake oil salespeople hawking their potions and notions, and none of these are cheap. Unbeknownst to me at the time, Jane bought $12,000 worth of various extracts, mineral waters and such, plus ordered a myriad of tests. We didn’t have the money then and are still trying to pay off that credit card bill, 2 years later. In addition, she took money out of her retirement fund in order to pay for some of this stuff. By the time I found out, we were on the brink of bankruptcy.

These frauds sell crap, preying on the concern of parents for their children. They guilt us by saying, “Wouldn’t you do anything to help your child?” When it doesn’t work, we are told we didn’t do it right which is shorthand for “we didn’t spend enough money.” I’ve seen the shit come and go. And everyone has something to offer…for a price. No one is giving this stuff away. They are impoverishing an entire class of people.

I am pissed at people who prey upon the fears of parents. No other single disability has been ravaged more by broken promises, and outright lies and deception than parents of people with autism. I am skeptical of every single treatment option, without exception. Behaviorist interventions can help with some behaviors, but it is not the final answer. Anyone who walks into my door, promising to SELL me a cure for my son runs the risk of bodily harm administered by a 2×4. Our family has been personally held up and robbed by people who are living very well at our expense. Impoverishing our entire family will not do anything to improve my son’s future.

When someone says they have a cure, a research validated treatment or a promise of recovery from autism, they are telling a LIE. They are no better than the merchants of terror who institutionalized (and molested) autistic children because of “refrigerator mothers.”

Look out for these lies:

-Anything that claims to be a cure. There is no cure for autism.

– “We treat the cause of autism, not the symptoms.” No one knows what causes autism. The one who finds it will win the Nobel Prize.

– “Scientifically validated.” There are no empirically validated treatments. Some have greater scientific support than others.

– “Scientifically proven effective.” See above.

– Testimonials by individuals claiming to have been cured. I have an article where a guy claimed to be cured of autism by smoking crack. No lie.

Here’s one on Marijuana.

Anything claiming to be a cure or treatment is suspect until proven otherwise. Don’t be fooled by the hype. Don’t be taken in by false promises.

Go sell crazy somewhere else. We’re all stocked up here.


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  1. Dad Of Cameron March 30, 2006 at 1:45 pm #


  2. tigtog March 30, 2006 at 6:53 pm #

    Came here by way of Skeptics’ Circle and v. glad I did – well done.

  3. Dick March 31, 2006 at 12:41 am #

    Thanks for stopping by, fellow skeptics! I had no idea there was such a group out there!

    I have been discovered by my people!LOL!

    Enjoy looking around. I’m enjoying visiting your places and neighborhoods.


  4. 'The Student' April 4, 2006 at 2:01 pm #

    a very honest piece, as im currently looking at autism for a research project it has been interesting to read your view. any comments on what you think drama can enable a peson to do?

  5. Joseph April 6, 2006 at 2:01 pm #

    That’s very good. I wrote about this same topic a while back.

  6. Phil Schwarz April 6, 2006 at 9:33 pm #

    Dick, thank you for writing this.

    The short answer is that this folly, this panic-stricken chasing after “cures” is going to continue as long as autism is misrepresented as a monolithic tragedy, as a story only about impairments in the individual.

    It isn’t monolithic. We need to get the parents and professionals who make up the lion’s share of the “autism community” (though hardly any of them live the life as adults on the autism spectrum themselves) to start thinking like we do — in *parts* rather than wholes. Focus on mitigating specific handicaps — the inability to reliably communicate needs and wants, the suffering of acute sensory distress — rather than thinking of autism as a monolithic enemy.

    Realize that at least half of what makes each of even the severest handicaps in fact handicapping, is not so much the impairment intrinsic to the individual, but the lack of accommodation on the part of the surrounding society for different ways of accomplishing the basic goals involved. If speech is not forthcoming, we should be teaching — and insisting on the acceptance of — keyboarding, sign language, pictorial systems. If there is acute sensory distress, the onus should be on the maintainers of the environment to remove the sources of distress.

    Get on the same side of the struggles as the autistic adults… because in another decade or two, the autistic kids of today will be the autistic adults of tomorrow.

    And tell the ASA and Unlocking Autism and Cure Autism Now and all the rest of the big autism organizations to stop trying to sell pity to raise money and gain media exposure and mindshare. It’s selling our kids’ future short to do so, because it undermines their ability to self-advocate in the future, when they become adults.

    — Phil Schwarz, AS adult and father of an autistic teen
    Board-member-at-large of his state ASA chapter, and *very* unhappy at the “pity path” that ASA’s publicity about autism has increasingly taken

  7. Bob King May 2, 2006 at 5:51 pm #

    amen! squiddoed, blogged and tagged! Oh, and I’m adding you to my blogroll.

  8. Brian Romdalvik May 15, 2006 at 5:13 pm #

    Dear Dick,

    I cannot believe it my wife’s name is Jane too. Actually my ex wife and we spent 10’s of thousands and she is still going with the credit cards and the child support. She is with Dr. Rashid Buttar and has moved past the gfcf diet(once called the police because I was giving my son m@ms) and had been administering chelation drops for last 15 months. Now this great doctor (who congress gave some legitamacy to by letting him testify is having my ex sell bioperformance gas pills to make enough money I guess to keep the treatments and blood tests going. How about that for efficacy. I feel sorry for all the broken homes and bank accounts taken by these modern day snake oil charlatans but hope is a powerful thing to combat even if you are the father. I am glad I am not alone. If you know of legal recourse actions I would love to hear about them.

  9. Jay Young September 15, 2006 at 5:12 pm #

    As an autistic adult, I am very much in favor of alternative medicines and therapies for other things — I have no delusion that they cure or in any way affect the neurology that makes me autistic. The reason some of these things seem to help is that the healthier you are, and the less discomfort you are in (say, from digestive troubles or allergies), the more you can devote your energy to processing sensory input. It gives you more “spoons” (

    Chiropractic, Bach floral essence, acupuncture, discontinuing foods we’re allergic to, drinking enough water every day, and particularly life extension/megavitamins, have all helped my and my autistic partner’s physical health and thus our emotional well-being, but they do not cure autism and should not be touted as such.

    The cure movement attempts to suck money out of bewildered parents by employing the same rhetoric that was used about polio (it’s “a monster that steals children”, “my child was taken by autism,” etc.) It was appropriate when spoken about polio; that was an illness that killed and crippled millions of people, and continues to do so in countries where the vaccine isn’t available. Autism is not an illness, and there is no cure. What we need is different forms of education (not “intervention”) to help us use our unique skills to contribute to society in our own way.


  10. Judith Niebres- Sewall November 16, 2006 at 4:19 pm #

    I am actually very seriously considering the GFCF diet for my autistic preschooler when I stumbled upon this site! …very discouraging sometimes and it makes me scared and worried to tears knowing that there is no cure for autism. My son is getting ABA from our public school …I hope he is in the right place.

  11. Kerrie Waldron November 30, 2006 at 7:04 am #

    Dear Judith Niebres,

    I am a mum from Sydney ,Australia.My son ,age 12,was diagnosed ASD by a Paediatric Psychiatrist, chelated intravenously at age 11.Mercury poured out of him at 6 times “safe” level.Also arsenic and lead at 2 times “safe” levels.
    He’s been on CF/GF, corn soy free diet since 9 years old.Totally Organic food.Supplements of digestive enzymes, MT Promoter and Pfeiffer Primer (to promote the methylation Cycle-body’s own anti-oxidant-Glutathione),fish oil.Done Samonas Sound Therapy on and off.Exercises for his awkward movements-ALL under medical supervision…………….

    In other words all the “snake oil”(which is Omega 3 ,by the way) stuff sneered at and rubbished by the cynics here and guess what?

    Even though we started late (age 9) the difference in him is nothing short of miraculous.It took about 12 months for the changes to really be noticeable but now we have a boy who enjoys playing with peers, goes to Air League (a form of scouts with aeroplanes and actual flying),enjoys parties with classmates.Enjoys swimming lessons and has been asked to join swim team.
    His reading went from nil at age 11 to 4th class level 12 months later.He now understands money, irony, knows his siblings names (and buys specific presents for them) WANTS to interact socially.None of these skills existed last year.

    His gut is almost healed, he can sleep OK now, his repetitive “stimming” has gone etc etc.

    Ignore the cynics who try to destroy your hope …………….just get into DAN (Defeat Autism Now) free website lectures at .Get yourself a good Pfeiffer Trained MD (Look up Bill Walsh, Pfeiffer Institute) and trust your own observation of your child’s reactions to each treatment.Most of these therapies cost no more than dance classes and/or sport fees etc per session.
    We figured we spent a lot on our 4 older kids and David now has a life and future,so it’s worth EVERY cent!

    good luck and God bless

  12. M Hawkeye December 12, 2006 at 6:13 pm #


    I am the father of a 4 year old in the Uk with autism formaly diagnosed ASD in may 2006
    We initally started the GFCF diet as sceptics i took the beleif that i we could fix his digestive problems the diet would be worth the hassle

    within 2 days there were dramatic changes, eye contact, increased language and he stoppped biting and selfharming himself, better co ordination infact at the time i produced a list of 22 improvements.

    I can see why people talk of a cure. our lives have been transformed and so has our sons.
    we have hope of a education, and a career for him instead of care and intitutions.

    Judith try the diet . read “special diets for special kids by lisa lewis” and
    “A User Guide to the GF/CF Diet for Autism, Asperger Syndrome and AD/HD”

    look into other therapys be open minded and try them.beware of health food shops,hippies and alternative medicine.
    But my best advise is to speak to other Mothers with autistic children 😉
    and if anybody tries to feed your child M@M’s call the cops!

  13. Dick December 13, 2006 at 11:50 am #

    Look, it’s okay if you want to try something. However, I am skeptical of any and all people who are going to try to get me to *marry* a particular treatment, belief or perspective in the name of it being cure. There are no emprically proven cures or even treatments. NONE. Some parents are going to report results, and that is okay.

    However, since I’ve never seen a cure first hand (and I work in the business) I’m going to be skeptical of any such claims. And the more I work among those with autism, the more I become a bit jaded towards the “Cure Autism” religion that has taken hold.


  14. Josh Pritchard, BCBA December 18, 2006 at 1:08 pm #

    Dick, you state that Applied Behavior Analysis is not scientifically validated…are you referring to this statement as, “ABA is not scientifically validated AS a CURE for autism” or as it is not a scientifically validated science? If it is the former, you are correct, but the latter is simply not true. There are multitudes of peer-reviewed journals that have articles upon articles exemplifying treatment success due to ABA principles.

  15. Dick December 20, 2006 at 4:09 pm #

    I’ll agree with you that ABA is the MOST scientific of the lot. But it has yet to pass APA muster for being an empirically validated effective treatment. One simple reason is that behaviorists have a difficult time getting things together while being independent. For instance the Koegel’s have loads of material using Pivotal Response Treatments (PRT) but there aren’t enough published studies done independently of the Koegels and UC Davis (I think they only need 5 single subject studies) to meet the criteria.

    ABA DOES meet the criteria for being at least “Probably Efficacious” with students with ADHD. I suspect that there are many treatments derrived from ABA which will meet that for autism in the next few years with the work being put into it. You just need a sufficiently large success, replicated independently and a written manual for the intervention. It’s not difficult but that’s what makes it so surpising that there hasn’t been anything showing up.

    Heh, I saw that BCBA and figured I was in for it! Thanks for stopping by!


  16. Gods Advocate December 27, 2006 at 4:50 pm #

    There is no CURE but there is HOPE. Every child is different and what works for one child may not work for the other. What I have noticed is that every child has his/her breaking point where they can only take so much therapy either it be Biomedical or other. We need to look at Autism through the eyes of those affected. For instance what would you do if your child had Autism? Wouldn’t you want whats best for your child? How would you react? As I read most of these replies I see that there is a lot of mockery, deceptions/lies and then HOPE. But most of all I see that no one has offered their assistance to anyone. What I mean is that no one has offered to provide a helping hand either it be by physically going to baby sit or anything. Why are we so consumed with trying uncover quackery than trying to lend a helping hand! Maybe we are the ones with the true disability. ALL Autistic children have the ability to LOVE, they LOVE without motives! We should learn from our children. Lets try and help one another not point the finger with disapproval. As for you DICK, what have you done today to help someone who is affected by Autism?


    Someone who cares to make a difference in our children’s LIVES.

  17. Dick December 30, 2006 at 7:30 pm #

    Let’s see…I TEACH individuals with autism and my son has autism who I take care of every day. Meanwhile, I notice YOU don’t pony up anything, either, in the way of support or service.


  18. Barb K January 23, 2007 at 10:22 pm #

    To be blunt…This is a load of crap. My son has been chelating on and off for several years, currently using IV calcium disodium EDTA and transdermal DMPS. He is now making friends, getting straight A’s in regular ed (w/ an aide but no other accommodations), and lead, mercury, aluminum and nickel are pouring out of him. I won’t stop until my son is cured or damn close. I’m hoping this will be sometime in 2007. Our home videos are proof that long after we ended his ABA/DTT program, he advances towards NORMAL. (Note: ABA was amazing for him when he was younger, but not nearly enough to “recover” him.) I urge interested parties to check out the Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!) website.

  19. Dick January 24, 2007 at 1:29 am #

    Barb – submit your videos to someone like the Koegals from UC Davis, then have them publish their findings in a peer-reviewed journal. Then, and only then, will you be making a meaningful and lasting contribution to the field. Your country and others around the world will thank you.

    Otherwise it’s just hearsay. MY son is getting A’s and makes friends in regular education with an aide and he’s able to do it without ANY of the physical assaults you’re subjecting your child to, not to mention whatever you’re spending on this treatment.

    The comments alone speak for themselves. So far, I’ve gotten Omega 3 oils, the GFCF diet, and chelation being held responsible for miraculous recoveries. Let me just throw out one more idea: could it be that you’re simply an awesome and dedicated parent? Why couldn’t your sheer willfulness, attentiveness, perserverence, love, determination and dedication not be the deciding factor that shifts the tide? Is that any crazier than anything else you’ve done?

    As parents, we do so much. We work so hard. We lose sleep and deprive ourselves for the sake of our children. We do this day after day after day for maybe even years. And when they finally begin to make progress, we give credit to a diet, a therapy, a drug, a vitamin, a doctor. Anything but what really was there all the time and the most important and critical factor. Parents. That’s so sad.


  20. Barb K January 24, 2007 at 3:07 pm #

    I appreciate your response. Although I cannot, for the sake of my son’s privacy, post videos as you suggest, I will attempt (via listserves I’m on) to see if I can get parents to do same. We moved a year ago, and my son is, for the first time, making friends with typical children who do not know he has a diagnosis. (Of course, the school knows.)

    With regard to your question as to whether it’s just good parenting, etc., well, he’s always had the same level of dedication pre- and post-diagnosis. I am a stay-at-home mom and my children have always come first. I KNOW his improvement is due to chelation. He has made his greatest improvements ever in the last few months, coinciding with the largest dumps of toxic heavy metals.

    I’m glad to hear that your child is doing so well. I’d just be really afraid to turn off other parents from something that could give their child something thousands can only wish for…normalcy.

    I happened to speak with our special needs atty. today. He mentioned that at 18 years old, we can apply for Medicaid for our son. I told him that by the time my son reaches 18, I don’t expect he’ll need to apply. Having not talked with him in probably 6 or more years, he was stunned, as he knew what we were dealing with when we’d originally met.

    I wish you well,
    Barb K

  21. brian January 24, 2007 at 4:20 pm #

    Hello friends –

    Any concerned parent that has stepped onto this site, please, please, PLEASE do not take as gospel the notion that bio medical approaches cannot help your child. Will the cure autism? Maybe, maybe not. But, in many instances, you CAN affect your childs condition for the better with bio medical treatments.

    The OP is correct, there are no studies empirically proving that a GF/CF (or SCD) diet cures autism. However, if you have been changing diarheah (sp?) diapers for a year (or more), your choices are to try dietary restrictions, or wait for a paper to be written, reviewed, and published and slop through diarheah in the meantime. If 900 papers came out tomorrow telling me that GF/CF has no benifits for autistics, I would not start feeding my son grain. Why? I’ve changed his diapers and could tell the difference between days he got grain, and days he did not. It is an exceptionally simple distinction to make. I’d make a million dollar bet the author of this blog did not change diarheah diapers every day for a year. If they had, I imagine they might be willing to try dietary restriction, peer reviewed or not.

    It is simple to test if your child has a yeast infection and anti fungal agents can have a HUGE impact on your child. Are there peer reviewed papers showing you that anti fungals will cure autism? No. My son’s ‘head banging’ decreased from 50+ incidents a day to one or two a week when we introduced anti fungal agents. Even without a peer reviewed paper to tell me this was happening, I was able to make that distinction.

    The documentation of differences in biochemical functions of autistic children grows every month; yet how are you to tell if your childs zinc/copper ratio is out of balance, or if their ammonia levels are high without performing tests? Will addressing these issues cure autism? I don’t know; but you are much better off with less amonia than more, and a proper ratio of zinc to copper. If you simply believe the mantra that only peer reviewed papers can guide you in your quest to help your child you and your child will be waiting for a long, long time. And in the meantime addressable issues will go unaddressed.

    If you’ve come this far looking for help, go a little farther. Find a local group of parents who are using biomedical treatments to help their children. The only people who have made accurate predictions about my son’s condition are those in this community.


  22. M Hawkeye January 25, 2007 at 4:08 am #

    I can only speak from my own experience gf/cf on my son. There is a link; his diet drastically affects his autistic BEHAVIOR.
    After 2 days we had a child that did not need to be dragged everywhere would respond to his name would look me in the eye. That was only by removing milk!

    As for trials and medical proof, don’t hold your breath. 90% of the western diet is off limits to my son and this will not be a popular thing to prove or discover.
    My local supermarket in the space of six months has gone from stocking 3 cf/gf products to nearly 20. This is without advertising, TV promotion and news coverage. Purely by word of mouth by parents creating this demand which the retailer is more than happy to supply.
    Look on the web and you will see thousands of parents sharing information in forums weblogs and chat rooms, with no commercial interest other than the health of their kids.

    Our child is currently on CF/GF probiotics vitamins and enzymes we keep a daily log of his diet and behaviour and can benchmark the effectiveness of each treatment.(sure we have tried others but this is what WORKS for OUR child). We make a point of talking to his key worker at nursery every day and this to is recorded. we are recourding a life history and have full copies of his medical notes.
    We are in constant contact with the University of Sunderland who are leading research into this area. Our experiences both positive and negative are fed back into the community,
    You say that there are no proved treatments for autism that have pass the requirements of double blind or comparison to a proven effective treatment (which there are none)
    Catch 22
    So where do we go from here.

    In the UK bad press coverage against Dr Wakefeild and others has pushed research away from the autism field. We are lucky to have a GP that listens to us and believes that our son is “intolerant” to certain food.
    I feel that your behaviourist view of autism denies there are Physiological causes for these conditions and is barely a step away from old fashion “nurture theories” and blaming the Mother .
    WE are at the cutting edge of research that is transforming the live of thousands of children and there carers. Scientific research WILL catch us up.

  23. Dick January 26, 2007 at 8:43 am #

    I’m not necessarily trying to turn parents off from anything. I’m all for trying different appraoches. Seriously, I totally get that parents could actually take a lead ahead of the scientific community when it comes to verious treatments.

    I do apologize for not being more clear, but the major intent of the above piece is to alleviate guilt from those parents for which these treatments don’t work or who don’t have the resources to sink into controversial treatments or who like one and not the other. You are each selling an unscripted, unproven and less than reliable gospel. Most parents throw so many noodles against the wall, they can’t tell which one is sticking and which isn’t.

    I’ve been down the biomedical road and it put us on the brink of bankruptcy with no discernable results. I’m glad it’s working for some of you but autism is not caused by one single thing, genetic, environmental or otherwise. So what didn’t work for me, might work for you. But buyer beware. You’re being preyed upon by an industry that is profiting massively from your desperation.


  24. Eric March 5, 2007 at 6:25 am #

    To all the parents who have posted their success stories in treating their children on this blog. Well done and keep it up.
    My boy is 4 and a half. He was diagnosed severely autistic. Blank. No eye contact. Just the odd utterence.
    He has had all the usual treatments. I will list a few of them…

    1/ GFCF diet. To anybody who has posted a comment on this and thinks it is a waste of time…on what are you basing your argument? Yes, there are children on the autistic spectrum who will not actually show an upturn on this. The majority of autistic children will benefit for the following reasons… A combination of leaky gut allowing peptides into the blood stream that convert into opiates! , a high propensity to be glutamate excessive in the body….an effect that would be massively exacerbated by giving gluten(wheat products).
    When we introduced this diet to our boy, within 1 week we noticed a HUGE difference. It is not a fluke, on forums all over the net are parents of autistic children whoi have shared this effect.
    Where is the ripoff doing this?

    2/ Mega dose B6. Gut problems and disrupted methylation cycles cause depletion of vital minerals and viamins. B6 is a massive contributor to the production of dopamine and serotonin. These 2 assist in re-myelenation caused by the presence of heavy metals.
    The affect of this for us, was startling. We introduced this 3 weeks ago, and the dark circles under his eyes have started to fade, his language has taken a quantum leap, and his sleep pattern is hugely stabilised!!
    Where is the rip off with this?

    3/ Enzymes (zyme-prime / peptazide). These help to break down the foods consumed into amino acids.
    A months supply costs about £14. Hardly breaks the bank, but is VERY beneficial.

    4/ MB12 injections. The single most efficacious magic bullet treatment I have ever seen! The introduction of methyl B12 into an autistic child, boosts the methylation cycle, aids detoxification and balances all the major functions of the liver.
    Again, we introduced this 18 months ago. After 3 days, our boy turned around to me, looked me straight in the eyes, and said “I want a biscuit”!!!!!!

    Dick, I am sad you have not had much luck with the treatments you have tried, I really am. I agree that there is much hype about ‘cures’ and such-like, but I do wish you hadn’t been so negative about this in terms of indicating that the whole industry is a ripoff and there is no hope.
    For all the people who say autism is a life long condition. It is if you leave the child to fend for themselves, and give them rubbish food and no assistance.
    “Most parents throw so many noodles against the wall, they can’t tell which one is sticking and which isn’t.”
    I would strongly advise doing one thing at a time so you can tell what IS working.
    “autism is not caused by one single thing, genetic, environmental or otherwise.”
    I disagree. I think the vast majority of autistic children have been tipped over the edge because of toxic overload. This toxic overload has induced a genetic propensity for children to have methylation issues amongst others. Awful food additives, vaccines (mercury in the preservative), microwaves (mobile phones), the list of harmful things bombarding our children is enormous.

    There are many pioneering doctors researching ways to help and as to the definitive causes. One doctor who I think is really on to something is Dr. Amy Yasko. Please look into her findings.

    One final thing, and it is one of those speculation things, there is new research that suggests an inability to metabolise fatty acids is a major factor in the increase in autism.

    Good Luck to all.

  25. Lee March 11, 2007 at 8:40 pm #

    The DAN Protocol takes money, dedication & time (a lot of education time) — the parent becomes the doctor by necessity. Our society has graced the “standard’ medical practitioners with a presumption of quality that it they no longer deserve. MANY MDs have researchers have finally gotten in synch with the knowledge base that has been built over the last 10+ years.
    In 10 years you will look back on your words and lack of effort for your child and you will be very sorry indeed.
    I wonder if your marriage is still intact. To be so opposed to your wife’s efforts…..


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