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Perhaps one of the reasons why we don’t see more special education blogs is this issue of confidentiality.  I don’t remember it being an issue back when I was teaching Ag. 20 or so years ago, but in special education today it is something that is drummed into us from the beginning.


Everything in this blog is true, but the names and places are fictitious.  This includes my own name.  As long as I am anonymous, my school and students are anonymous.  Anyone stumbling across this that recognizes me and the players would be within the inner loop, anyway.


One of the reasons for this blog is to give others a look at how things run from the inside.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  I cannot be on the edge unless I am able to write candidly about what it is that happens within my little corner of the universe.  So I try to take reasonable precautions to protect the confidentiality of me, my family, my students, coworkers and parents.  There is plenty of drama here, and there always has been.  Stuff happens within my class that happens nowhere else.  I often thought I had enough just within this one room to write a script similar to Boston Public.  The problem with that show is that it tried to cover a larger building level school.  Unlike a TV show about law firms, where there is a finite core cast with a few characters coming and going, an entire school has a cast of hundreds, maybe even thousands.  Each teacher has a class full of students with their own personalities. 


In my room, we are self-contained in a similar fashion as the sweat hogs on Welcome Back Kotter.  However our adult cast is as large as the student cast.  And I’ve seen lots of drama from the adult side.  I’ve had paras get fired for stupid stuff.  I had a para who was married have an affair with another of my paras.  I’ve had paras fight.  I’ve worked with psychotic paras and teachers.  We even have a good amount of medical drama which you’ve had a chance to read about.  Parents come in and bring their own drama along with them.  This place has always had drama, despite my efforts to minimize it.  We are a close knit group, and relate to each other in unique ways.  The question remains whether or not it holds the interest of the larger public.  I’m sure if there’s an affair going on, I’ll see readership spike.


So there is entertainment as well as educational value, here.  There has to be, else why would anyone come flocking over here?


But job one is taking care of my students and their families.  If I can help their cause by shedding some light on our dark corner, I’ll take the risk.  If I can help readers be better educated, informed and empathetic, I’ll chance discovery.  Educational, entertaining and original is what I’m striving for in this blog.


While I do discuss policy sometimes, that is not the major focus of this blog.  I will make observations based on what others are writing and comment on those things that provoke reaction.  But the foundation of this blog remains my basic story line of what goes on in one severe and profound classroom and the relationships involved.


The purpose of this post is to help clarify this for myself as well as any readers who stumble by.  And while writing, it comes to me that I have to work just a bit harder to incorporate a more personal view into the posts as well as delve a bit deeper into relationships, especially the adult ones.


Thanks for stopping by.  Holla at ya!





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  1. Rolf- Drama Fan March 1, 2007 at 1:31 pm #

    Yep, I can understand and think this is a great way of communication. as you say, often it’s also entertainment. My niece is a nurse in place for mentally and psychological unstable people. She comes some times home with drama stories that are both sad and funny and often we afterwards say: Hey, at least these guys let it out! We often just think that we don’t like things and swallow – They let loose! Drama at it’s best!

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