Trying Something Out…

19 Feb

I’m really liking WordPress. It’s difficult to fully appreciate it until you try to interact with other blogging outfits. The worst, by far, has to MSN’s. They won’t even let you leave a comment unless your registered with them. Dorks.
Too bad, too, because JohnL at Teach Effectively! pointed to another good blog discovery:
Kacie’s Blog

I’ll see if the trackback thingy works at all, and maybe she can comment here. Hopefully MY comment function will work, as I noticed John’s comment box isn’t letting me in. For some reason my username and password aren’t any good over there.

Here, I allow comments from anyone as long as there is a name and email attached.

Google’s Blogger works fairly well, and it is where I learned enough to be able to move on to something different. It’s still not as easy or versatile as WordPress.
Most bloggers live and die by their stats and their comment boxes, and if these are not working, this will not do. In previous blogging lives, I have gleaned a lot of material from commentors and they frequently inspire posts of their own.

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  1. Dick, thanks for the mentions of Teach Effectively.

    (We should correspond via back channels about Word Press and comments.)

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