It’s Official

11 Feb

My scores arrived from ETS and all around the state of Georgia; teachers are either breathing a sigh of relief or looking forward to taking the test again.


Praxis test 0511 is apparently the most taken test in the country.  It measures general knowledge in English, science, math and social studies through an 8th grade cognitive level.  This test is the main one that special educators in Georgia took in order to become HiQ under NCLB.  Five weeks ago, almost every special educator in the state took this test and now the results are coming in.


And so it is, that I am now HiQ in the eyes of the state.  It’s probably not fair that I say much about how hard the test was.  I walked in without studying a lick, plus I was feeling nauseous from some sort of stomach bug that was going around.  The scores could range 100-200.  I guess having 100 as the lowest possible score will make those that failed the test feel better.  I think 160 is the required score for passing in the state of Georgia and the national average is 175.  I scored above the national average.  In fact, my score was a 200.  Yep.  Perfect score.  This, even though I did miss at least one on the math section.  Maybe that was one of those experimental questions that don’t count.


I’m glad it’s over and even more pleased that I’ll be able to turn this in to the county office for a refund of my registration money.  But otherwise, while I’m affirmed as to my brain power, I’m a bit embarrassed about my perfect score.  I need to keep my mouth shut about the thing lest I draw the ire of educators who did struggle.  I know several who studied for hours and hours, completing several review tests and poured over study booklets and took refresher courses just for this one particular test.  And then I drag my sick carcass in without doing any of that and get a perfect score.  I was not anxious about this test, as I knew I would pass it.  I taught science (physical science, biology and chemistry) for several years, for crying out loud!  This test was not nearly as hard as the GRE, which I did NOT get a perfect score on.  Except for the writing portion. 


Are all teachers who pass this thing highly qualified?  Maybe not in practice, but I might go out on a limb and say that any teacher who can NOT pass it has doubtful credentials.  I’m sorry, but while I consider myself above average I.Q. wise, I don’t think of myself as being some great wizard at anything.  Except maybe teaching.  Still, this test was one of the sort of general knowledge we expect from those emerging from middle school.  Assuming that all teachers are college graduates, no one should fail this test!  It’s just embarrassing to be part of a business where the tests have to be dumbed down so much so nearly every one has a chance to pass the thing.


Okay, I’ve said enough.  It’s nice to be finally considered HiQ.  Now the regular ed. teachers in my school can relax about the prospect of having my students assigned to them.



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  1. Michele February 23, 2006 at 2:48 pm #

    We take up this issue in our blog post today and include a link to your post. Check it out.

  2. Dick February 23, 2006 at 9:40 pm #

    wOOt! Thanks, Michele! I am following your responses, as I am also interested in how other special educators have met the HiQ requirement.


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